How It Works

Introduce your products and services to new customers by promoting your online sales and discount offers directly to Irish shoppers.

Running an online sale? Got an online coupon or discount code to offer? promotes your internet sale or coupon offer to online shoppers all over Ireland:

It’s Really Easy!

Promoting your online sale offer or internet coupon/voucher offer on is really simple:

  1. Visit our Add an Offer page
  2. Input a headline and description of your offer
  3. Upload a large, attractive image to attract shoppers
  4. Tell us when to run your ad, based on the dates your offer begins and ends

That’s it! And if you have questions, we’re here to help.

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Built to Promote Your Offers

Promote on the Web

Your offer gets front page coverage on the website. Your ad gets a full page listing and links to your site.

Promote on Social Media

Your offer goes out to our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ where it can be endlessly shared and clicked.

Promote by Email

Your offer goes out in our weekly email alert, sent to Irish shoppers who've joined specifically for online sales and discount offers.

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Compare to Groupon

Unlike Groupon and other discount promotion sites, is a straight-forward flat-fee proposition that delivers customers straight to you:

Simple Cost ControlOne Low Flat Fee.Percentage of sale taken for each transaction.
Transaction ControlShopping, checkout and payment takes place on your sitePayment and checkout takes place on their site.
Social MarketingEvery offer promoted on website, by email, and through Twitter, Facebook and G+.No social media distribution.
Traffic BuildingDelivers traffic directly to your website for browsing, shopping and buying.Browsing, shopping and buying takes place on their site, not yours.
Flexible PromotionPromote free shipping, small percentages off, BOGYF, sales, coupons and vouchers!Can require huge discounts and limited to what can be shown on their site.


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