Listing Tips for Merchants

We sincerely want all of our merchants to be successful promoting their sales and coupons to online shoppers. Here are some key tips to help you get the most out of your listing:

1. Write a Descriptive Headline

The more specific the title of your offer, the more clicks you’ll attract.

  • GOOD: Save €10 on Beauty at Nolan Chemists
  • BAD: Sale at Nolan Chemists
  • GOOD:10% off all orders at Lovely Wines
  • BAD: Save on wine with Lovely Wines

2. Use a Real Image!

When creating your offer, you are required to upload an image for your listing. While it may be what’s easiest, resist the urge to just upload a copy of your logo. Nobody is buying your logo. Instead, upload an image that supports and sells your offer. While it can include your logo, a product or lifestyle image will work best.

3. Provide a Specific Link

Don’t make people hunt through your site to find your advertised offer! Unless you are promoting a site-wide sale or discount, don’t just post a link to your main site address. You will increase your number of sales by posting a link to the specific product on sale or to the entire category with a discount.

We love marketing and and internet promotion, so if you need help putting together your ad, please get in touch — we’re here to help!